Friday, January 06, 2006

Pat Robertson Bears the Dark Mark

Did you hear about Pat Robertson seeing the hand of God in Ariel Sharon's struggle for life? No, I don't mean the hand of God helping him live. I mean the hand of God making him die. Yes, I know, you're not at all surprised by this news. Patsy is always wishing death on someone. Sharon's name was probably just the next one on his Christmas list.

I actually have the proud distinction of having been on his list once, too. Well, not exactly me myself but me and tens of millions of other gay people. In fact, I'll bet that you have also been on his death list. Have you ever looked at pornography? See, I told you so.

Here's the really choice part, a quote from Gus Van Horn:

While I disagree with Sharon's latest peace initiatives with the barbarians who reside across his nation's borders, there are plenty of valid, secular reasons for my disagreement, none of which make me even remotely gleeful over Sharon's stroke.

I have heard it said that the God one worships (and this does not necessarily have to be in the traditional sense of the term describing a mystical or supernatural belief on that person's part) reflects one's conception of the ideal. In that light, it is revealing that Robertson's conception of the divine acts pretty much like a terrorist or an assassin.

Mr. Van Horn, you're destined to be in a novel (a shade of you is, anyway). I've been working for years on an enormous, epic tale. In fact, the main character has been a part of my life for so many years that his story is beginning to feel like a piece of history. I'm always looking for new insights into how he thinks and what makes him tick. This statement by Gus has the spirit of something my character would say, not to mention the right ideas. It's not everyday that I come across a gem like this. Bless you, kind sir.

And that's not all. My story's villains include religious power-players who are as pragmatic as they are diabolical. Gus's insight that Robertson's divinity "acts pretty much like a terrorist or an assassin" is exactly what I need in order to paint that kind of theologian/politician.