Thursday, December 21, 2006

Generous Scholarship to Founder's College

The new Founder's College in Berry Hill, Virginia, is offering students up to $3,000,000 through a variety of scholarships, including The Victor Hugo Writing Scholarship.

According to their website, the scholarship is "open to all full-time incoming students, first year or transfer." To qualify, here's what applicants must do:
"Choose an actual person or fictional character. Identify three character traits about that individual that you most admire. Explain why you admire those traits. Submit a maximum 500-word essay, double-spaced, typed, and sealed in a 9" by 12" envelope. Send to: Founders College at Berry Hill, 3105 River Road, South Boston, VA 24592, Attn: Victor Hugo Essay."

Looking at the college's curriculum solely from the perspective of a would-be fiction writer, I must say that this college looks like it could be a great place to start. (Not for me, of course, but for younger students.) The true test will come when they announce their faculty in the spring.