Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Jekyll and House

Speaking of TOS, I highly recommend an article in the latest issue (Winter 2006/7) titled "Mr. Jekyll and Dr. House: The Reason-Emotion Split as Manifested in House, M.D." The author is Gena Gorlin, and she does a remarkable job. Her writing is clear, concise, and purpose-driven; her arguments read like an arrow that flies straight to the bullseye. It's no wonder Miss Gorlin was a two-time winner of The Fountainhead contest (that, according to her bio in TOS). She stays on theme throughout, and she hits the issue from several different angles, but each angle feels fresh and illuminating.

You do not have to be a fan of House, M.D. to benefit from the essay. In fact, I've never seen the show. Anyone who is familiar with the prevalent mind-body split in today's heroes (like Spock on Star Trek), will know precisely what Miss Gorlin takes issue with about the show. In any case, she provides excellent examples and descriptions.

The issue of the "cold hearted" advocate of reason versus the unhinged emotionalist is near (but not dear) to my heart. In fact, I so can't stand to see this dichotomy play out in a character that I will turn off the television, return a DVD unwatched, and even get up and leave a theatre rather than subject myself to the punishment of watching it.

Thank you, Miss Gorlin, for not merely skewering the mind/body idiotarians of the art world, but especially for illuminating the right alternative.

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