Friday, May 25, 2007


So forget about importing Haloscan comments into Blogger. The only way I could do that without writing some kind of script would be to do it by hand, comment by comment. Not gonna' happen.

So I've decided to move Acid Free Paper instead.

The new site will be called Acid-Free Paper (notice the hyphen), which ought to please all of you grammar puritans, and the URL will be I'll officially announce the change as soon as I get all of the necessary parts and pieces moved over. My last post here will be a pointer to that site, and I'll keep this one around for as long as Haloscan holds out.

For the record, I plan to avoid ever using the word 'shitzu' on my new site — a mistake I made on about my second or third post here — because that one word turned out to be Google's favorite and I really don't like shitzus (nor any other yappy dog), so I felt kind of violated every time one of those shitzu fans started shitzuing Google for the word shitzu on my blog. My dog, if I had one, would eat shitzus.

I'm also hoping that with the hyphen in the name, I will get fewer searches for making acid from paper, putting acid on paper, people advertising free acid, eating paper while on acid, and my all-time favorite, acid toilet paper.

Human beings, I swear. (Toiler shakes his head.)