Monday, March 13, 2006

Which Lit Classic Are You?

Here's another one of those pointless web quizes: Which Classic Are You?. I'm supposed to be:

George Orwell: Nineteen Eighty-Four. You are the classic warning against the threat of totalitarianism. To you, politics and philosophy are inseparable, auchtorities [sic] suck and the reality might not exist outside our imaginations.

I can't fathom how the author of this quiz got the line "reality might not exist outside our imaginations" from Orwell's 1984 or from my answers. That would be an idea called solipsism, and it would be the exact opposite of my view—probably the opposite of Orwell's view, too, but then I don't really know about that. And then there's the impressive spelling and grammar in the answer...

Ah, well. What do you expect from a harebrained web quiz. I should just be satisfied that I got 1984 and not Farting Fred & The Dog Show or even worse, Ulysses. I'm only posting the results here to promote Orwell's book. Everyone should read it.