Thursday, March 09, 2006

Writer's Moment

I'm sitting here in my office with my usual hot café latte in-hand; my story pages spread out in front of me; my brand new Mac Mini not humming at all, just sitting there silently by the way like a patient scribe, its cloud-white LED glowing softly as if to say, "I'm ready whenever you are."; I'm warm and comfortable and quiet; and it's snowing like mad outside!

The world looks so pure and new. The trees are draped in sticky, white frosting. Five inches cover the ground, and it shows no sign of stopping (yes, I'm starting to hum Christmas tunes).

Have I ever felt so completely writerly as I do in this moment? I don't think so. Bye, bye, world! I'm slipping away into Writer's Land and I'm not going to be coming out of it for a while. If you need me, leave a message.