Friday, January 27, 2006


“Is it Acid-Free Paper or Acid Free Paper?”

I'm so glad you asked. The hyphenated version is grammatically correct. It means simply paper sans acid. The non-hyphenated version is more ambiguous and seems to imply a double meaning, but maybe it doesn't really work. I don't know. The real reason I decided to forgo the hyphen was simple: the URL doesn't have one, and I didn't want to create confusion. (Most people would forget to include the hyphen if I included it in the URL.) So, I think I'll just leave the title alone for now, but I'm open to changing it. Of course, the URL will always have to stay the same, thus adding to the confusion.

Next question: “Why are you blogging?”

I already addressed this here, but there's something else I'd like to add: This blog is about writing fiction, not about any philosophy or political point of view. Yes, as S over at Illumination pointed out, I am a realist. Yes, I do have a strong passion for ethics, namely honesty, integrity, pride, hard work, justice, independence, and rationality. But at the same time, and for the same reasons, I am also my own person with my own personality and my own values.

First and foremost, I am passionate about my stories. I laugh and I cry over my characters. I wear their costumes (in my mind), and I walk and move as they do. I talk and even sing in their voices. Their many struggles and their dreams become mine. When they suffer, I suffer. When they succeed, I succeed. I love my characters as if they were me. This is my life.

So as you visit this blog, you'll be seeing a little window into that world—my world. I hope you enjoy it.

Oh and by the way, the links in my blogroll do not necessarily reflect my views. Again, the point of this blog is to record some of the experiences that a writer goes through to get published. Naturally, as my blogroll shows, I am also interested in the experiences of other writers. So if you want to read about politics, you'll just have to go somewhere else—but don't worry; some 999 million other bloggers already have that topic covered.