Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Gus Van Horn visits

I just discovered that Gus Van Horn added Acid Free Paper to his blogroll. This is a first for me, and it happened on the very same day that I headlined with underpants. Good timing, Toiler. Anyway, I appreciate the recognition and I believe in giving a tooth for a tooth, so I'll add his blog to mine.

First, I'd like to say Hello! to my new visitors. Also, I should let you know what this blog is all about. Being a writer, I mean to comment on aesthetics and literature, to record things that might end up in a story some day, and to track my progress. Mostly it's to keep me linked with the world of literature, so I wouldn't be at all disappointed if I hook onto a few intelligent writers/readers along the way.

“So tell us what you write about, Toiler!”

Okay, if you insist. Mostly I write short stories, because they're so much easier to write than novels. I did write a short novel and part of a longer novel (which I aborted) a couple years ago, but these served only to showcase the Grand Canyons that criss-cross my knowledge of art. So I retreated to short stories, learned a lot, and lately have been writing some pretty good stuff. In fact, I nearly have my confidence built back up enough to start my next novel.

If I were to pick a theme that runs through my stories, it would be uncommon men standing out from the crowd despite the appearance of commonness. I like to show how strength of character — basically moral ambitiousness — surfaces in men of all abilities. My characters don't necessarily save the world; instead, they save their own values. I write about people I'd very much like to meet, and I have a suspicion that some of you would enjoy meeting them, too.

Until that day comes to pass, I'll just have to say thanks for visiting my blog.