Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Ultimate Mobile Writing Platform

Apple just announced what might be my dream machine, a 13-inch, Intel-based mobile Mac Book.

It's tiny, it's light, it's a Mac.

I very nearly bought their 12-inch Titanium version a while back, but I held back because of its screen — not its size but its quality. The backlight level had been limited for power reasons, and the text wasn't particularly sharp, which made for tough reading in a cafe or bright space. I've heard that the fonts on this new screen show up very black and sharp, and the back light is plenty bright.

I do prefer the metal shell that they use on their Pro line over the white plastic of this model, and their move to a poly Lithium Ion battery seems like a backward step, but these are just minor preferences.

Now if the good people over at Open Office would step it up with their native Mac version of my favorite document writer so I could finally drop the X-windowing environment, I'd be in writer's heaven.

[Correction: I may have created the impression that I bought a Mac Book already. No, I'm just dreaming. I'll post a review of it after I buy one and use it for a while, maybe some time this winter.]